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Mezze Saigon

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So what is Mezze Saigon?

The name gives it away a little, but we want to be clear… our menu is a mix of different styles of mezze from various countries around the Middle East and its neighbors. We don’t want to be tied down and we will aim to bring in new dishes and monthly Mezze Saigon specials… perhaps even introduce some fusion dishes in there too. We will continue to develop the menu and are happy to take feedback from your travels too.
We have a lot of ideas and look forward to trying them out soon. For now we just want to be here… with you and your friends!

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Mezze-style Middle-Eastern restaurant in the heart of sunny Saigon. We serve middle eastern food, and the feel is beyond the food.  A little bit of Kofte, Shawarma and Shish from the grill menu, some cool mezze bits (Hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh) salad and dips. Straight up, no nonsense, nourishment that Aladdin’s Genie would be proud of!


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